Chris Ansel, Sales Manager

  • Cares about his dealers and their customers
  • Always available to plan your installation
  • His goals are good delivery and quality equipment

Katie Dheel, Engineer & Purchasing Manager

  • Modifies and maintains Creamer’s digital part library.
  • Ensures that customers get the best price and quality of products by researching each material the company buys.

Thomas Hurley, Production Manager

  • Creates our products with the latest manufacturing tools
  • Designs new products to meet the growing needs of our customers
  • Ensures your order goes out on time and it exceeds your expectations

Person to Person Customer Care

Don’t expect to have to remember someone’s extension. Our phones are answered by a knowledgeable person who will direct you to the right person on the first call. Customer Care is of the utmost importance. Whether it’s getting you a quote, handling problems or anything else, you’re our priority.


Creamer Metal has been manufacturing material handling equipment in London, OH since 1946.  We have shipped over 6,800 bucket elevators and 13,750 distributors since our first order left the shipping dock.  We continue to supply replacement parts to several of our elevators manufactured in the mid ’60s.  That’s almost 50 years of operation!


Why do we offer a 5 year warranty? It’s the quality and pride we put into every delivery that allows us to do so. This is the Creamer Insurance Policy that guarantees you first class service.

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